Recently I’ve start a fishing tackle review blog just for fun, using my experience with the products, the reviews will really give you an idea of the products.

I will be buying the latest products that have just arrived on the market and test them on the bank for the all readers. I hope you guys enjoy the reviews and get some real anglers insight to these products.


My latest tackle reviews

So far I have reviewed Wychwood Exorcist Big Pit Reels, Korda Kaptor Hooks and ESP PVA Mesh on my new blog. The blog is just a bit of fun but the reviews a full of all the information you need.

Coming up

I will be reviewing Avid Carp Bait Screws and the JRC Stealth X-Lite chair so be sure to subscribe. There will be a review every Monday guaranteed so it will be well worth subscribing so you don’t miss any of latest fishing tackle being tested and reviewed.

Dont miss out and check out my new fishing tackle review blog

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