Catch App - Fishing App LogoWe’re currently developing Catch App, bringing new and exciting features to all anglers. The project will be free to join but currently not live to the public. In this period we are looking for testers with bright ideas to improve the usability and functionality of the new fishing app.

I’m guessing you’re thinking here we go again another fishing app but trust me you need read on to find out what Catch App has and will have to offer anglers in the future.

Currently Catch App Can …

Catch App assists anglers record captures, venue information and lots more. Do all this on any device from mobiles to desktop computers and everything will be completely synced ready to start logging more information. Members share all the information you need to know about a venue and discuss captures and methods.

Catch App in future …

We currently have a few ideas which will make this project very unique and well worth signing up for.

  • One idea in development is current hints and tips based on weather patterns which members can add extra tips based on fishery or location.
  • The Second idea is a choice of capture details you wish to make on any capture. In a rush and want to just jot down ruff details about a capture the ‘basic’ details options with have minimal essential detail fields such as species, weight and location (fishery). But if your init for the long haul and wish to add a captures information in much more detail then you have the option to choose the ‘extended’ details option.

These are just a couple of ideas we have gathered from help from the angling community to help create something that will aid anglers. We would love to here your ideas on what would help you when on the bank, a possible feature we can add to Catch App and remember if you haven’t all ready get involved at and also follow the project on twitter at @catchappuk.

About The Author

Keen fishing enthusiast and web developer, my goal is to create some useful and innovative tools to help anglers out on the bank. If you would like to find more about Catch App and how you can use and be apart of this fantastic web app.

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